StiftungSchweiz is looking for a CEO successor

Peter Buss, foun­der, CEO and board member of StiftungSchweiz, has deci­ded to step down as CEO. The posi­tion has been advertised. 

StiftungSchweiz is looking for a succes­sor to its CEO. After an intense period during the foun­da­tion and expan­sion of Phil­an­thropy Services AG I StiftungSchweiz, Peter Buss – foun­der, CEO and board member of the company – has deci­ded to hand over the role of CEO this year. Peter Buss has been invol­ved in the company since its foun­da­tion. After nearly 40 years of profes­sio­nal and volun­t­ary commit­ment to phil­an­thropy, he has deci­ded to take some more time for hims­elf. The posi­tion for his succes­sor has been adver­ti­sed. As CEO of StiftungSchweiz, Peter Buss is also the publisher of the Philanthropist. An inter­view with him will feature in the next issue.

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