Schwei­zer Stif­tungs­re­port 2020 The ele­venth edi­ti­on of the Schwei­zer Stif­tungs­re­port will be published on 28 April 2020. We enjoy­ed a sneak pre­view at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Zurich on 30 Janu­a­ry 2020, as part of the fifth... Read More


Drawing on specific examples and individuals in its reports, The Philanthropist illuminates the context behind key topics in the philanthropy sector. The Philanthropist takes an in-depth look and speaks with local experts.

Having non-pro­fit sta­tus places an obli­ga­ti­on on cha­ri­ties. ‘It goes wit­hout say­ing that cha­ri­ties should hand­le money care­ful­ly and pro­fes­sio­nal­ly,’ says Tizi­an Fritz. ‘Howe­ver, this is about more than just finan­ci­al indi­ca­tors. Par­ti­cu­lar­ly in light of the tax exemp­ti­on that cor­re­sponds to... Read More


The cul­tu­ral trans­for­ma­ti­on

The digital transformation is shaking up society to a radical extent – and charities are feeling its impact, too. They are given the opportunity to tap into new fields of activity, make use of new forms of collaboration and communicate effectively. The question is not whether charities can help shape this development – it is how they can do so. Everyone and everything is part of digitalisation.



The use of specific numbers allows astonishing facts to be expressed in concrete terms. The Philanthropist reveals the story behind the figure, putting its importance into context. 

65 — women in manage­ment posi­ti­ons

According to the Jahrbuch der Hilfswerke 2019, 65 percent of small organisations (with operating expenditure of less than 1 million Swiss francs) have a woman at their helm. Is this a welcome development? Or is it a typical image of gender distribution at managerial level? The Stiftungsreport 2019 and the Jahrbuch der Hilfswerke 2019, published in early December, both pay particular attention to gender distribution across leadership positions within charities and NGOs. It’s an excellent opportunity for a moment of reflection.

Donate, support, rejoice.

StiftungSchweiz, the portal for the Swiss philanthropy and foundation sector.

Too much money stas­hed away

Mark Dittli, editor-in-chief of the digital financial medium The Market, shares his thoughts with The Philanthropist on the financial markets at the start of the new decade, revealing what might be the game-changing event that makes low interest rates a thing of the past.


Making per­for­mance trans­pa­rent

Charities bear particular responsibility when it comes to investing their wealth. The new performance index from StiftungSchweiz, created in collaboration with Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB), helps charities grade their own investment returns better.

StiftungSchweiz is committed to enabling a modern philanthropy that unites and excites people and has maximum impact with minimal time and effort.

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