Ein Über­brückungs­ein­kom­men: Aufrich­tig, trans­pa­rent und fair. Jetzt. Toge­ther Now soll das bestehende Schwei­zer Sozi­al­sy­stem tempo­rär ergän­zen. Es rich­tet sich an alle Selb­stän­di­g­er­wer­ben­den und Menschen, die keine Absi­che­run­gen durch ihre Arbeit­ge­be­rin, Bund und Kantone oder Versi­che­run­gen haben.... Read More


Drawing on specific examples and individuals in its reports, The Philanthropist illuminates the context behind key topics in the philanthropy sector. The Philanthropist takes an in-depth look and speaks with local experts.

Having non-profit status places an obli­ga­tion on chari­ties. ‘It goes without saying that chari­ties should handle money care­fully and profes­sio­nally,’ says Tizian Fritz. ‘Howe­ver, this is about more than just finan­cial indi­ca­tors. Parti­cu­larly in light of the tax exemp­tion that corre­sponds to... Read More


Good returns – and a clear consci­ence

Sustainability is becoming one of the key criteria that play a role in shaping investment strategies, with the amount of sustainably invested assets skyrocketing. According to a market study carried out by Swiss Sustainable Finance, 21 percent of assets in Switzerland are currently managed in line with sustainable principles.


The use of specific numbers allows astonishing facts to be expressed in concrete terms. The Philanthropist reveals the story behind the figure, putting its importance into context. 

65 — women in manage­ment posi­ti­ons

According to the Jahrbuch der Hilfswerke 2019, 65 percent of small organisations (with operating expenditure of less than 1 million Swiss francs) have a woman at their helm. Is this a welcome development? Or is it a typical image of gender distribution at managerial level? The Stiftungsreport 2019 and the Jahrbuch der Hilfswerke 2019, published in early December, both pay particular attention to gender distribution across leadership positions within charities and NGOs. It’s an excellent opportunity for a moment of reflection.

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Money is a many-sple­ndou­red thing

Melanie Gajowski builds bridges between different worlds. She works in the financial industry, for environmental NGOs and social enterprises, and in the fields of zen, yoga and nature-based healing. She is also an ethicist, and sat down with The Philanthropist to reflect on the importance of money.


The commit­ment of foun­da­ti­ons in times of crisis CODIV-19

Recommendation of SwissFoundations, the association of Swiss grant-making foundations: The current crisis is worsening day by day and requires a great amount of solidarity, thoughtfulness and flexibility from all of us. We are particularly concerned about people who are severely affected due to their economic, social or health situation. However, this crisis also presents major financial and economic challenges for non-profit associations and organisations.

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