Die Stiftung Wisli bietet vielfältige Arbeitsangebote.

Stif­tung Wisli is going digital.

Speedy, intuitive processes


The pande­mic has placed Stif­tung Wisli and its finan­ces under pres­sure – with the foun­da­tion now reli­ant on dona­ti­ons. It has adap­ted to donors’ chan­ged needs and is now offe­ring people the oppor­tu­nity to donate digitally.

‘Major chan­ges can pose substan­tial chal­len­ges to the perso­nal progress made by people with psycho­lo­gi­cal impairments,’ says Stif­tung Wisli’s Mana­ging Direc­tor, Martin Bieber. He adds: ‘There’s no doubt that the coro­na­vi­rus pande­mic presen­ted a major change.’ This chari­ta­ble foun­da­tion works to support people with psycho­lo­gi­cal impairments, offe­ring them a safe place to live via various opti­ons across six resi­den­tial homes in Bülach and Opfikon. In addi­tion, it offers daily struc­ture for 250 people in terms of employ­ment. Its modu­lar work­place inte­gra­tion programme enab­les people with psycho­lo­gi­cal impairments to step back into the world of work and supports them in doing so. That said, COVID-19 has posed an addi­tio­nal chal­lenge to all its opera­ti­ons. ‘Stif­tung Wisli has done, and conti­nues to do, ever­ything in its power to support people through change and assist their reco­very via a part­nership of equals.’

Donate digi­tally – it’s easy, thanks to StiftungSchweiz.

Die Finan­zie­rung des Ange­bots übernehmen Leistungs­ver­trags­part­ner. Aber nicht alles ist gedeckt.
Insbe­son­dere die Situa­tion im Jahr 2020 führte zu einem zusätz­li­chen Finan­zie­rungs­be­darf von
1,5 Millio­nen Fran­ken. Hierzu ist die Stif­tung auf Spen­den ange­wie­sen. Um auf die verän­der­ten
Gewohn­hei­ten und Bedürfnisse der Spen­den­den einzu­ge­hen, bietet die Stif­tung seit diesem Sommer
die Möglich­keit, online zu spenden. 

Martin Bieber, direc­tor of the foundation

Its service part­ners finance its offer, but not ever­ything is cove­red. The situa­tion in 2020 in parti­cu­lar led to a funding short­fall of CHF 1.5 million, with the foun­da­tion depen­dant on dona­ti­ons to plug the gap. In order to respond to donors’ chan­ged habits and needs, the foun­da­tion has offe­red the oppor­tu­nity to donate online since this summer. ‘As with the care and support of our clients, we also have to align with donors’ needs when it comes to fund­rai­sing,’ says Bieber. ‘Today’s new, young donors are looking for easy opti­ons. There should to be as little time as possi­ble between the deci­sion to make a dona­tion and the execu­tion: the process must be intui­tive and strai­ght­for­ward.’ In order to put this into prac­tice, Stif­tung Wisli has inte­gra­ted StiftungSchweiz’s ‘donate’ button into its website. Bieber says: ‘The donate button is a simple, cheap and forward-looking option.’ But not only tech­no­lo­gi­cal deve­lo­p­ments are chan­ging donors’ beha­viour. Bieber explains that the institution’s regio­na­lity, the sustainable nature of its work and the tangi­ble purpose of dona­ting are central to success­ful fund­rai­sing. Thus, even smal­ler insti­tu­ti­ons can be success­ful: ‘But it takes both courage and confi­dence to be visi­ble and veri­fia­ble in your work.’


Donate digi­tally using the donate button from StiftungSchweiz

Even older genera­ti­ons are incre­a­singly making
digi­tal dona­ti­ons. It’s not only easy and prac­ti­cal, but also secure.

Donate digi­tally in 5 steps. It›s this easy:

  1. Click on the ‘donate’ button
    Directly on Stif­tung Wisli’s website
  2. Click on ‘donate now’
    The donate button is linked to the foundation’s profile on stiftungsschweiz.ch.
  3. Select the amount and payment method
    TWINT is also avail­able for even faster payment processing.
  4. Nearly there:
    Here, you can regi­ster for the news­let­ter, requ­est a rece­ipt for your dona­tion or choose the ‘donate anony­mously’ option.
  5. That’s it! It’s taken barely a minute to make your dona­tion – easily and secu­rely.
    If you wish, add a comment to your dona­tion or use the ‘make a regu­lar dona­tion’ option.

Learn more about our offe­ring and digi­tal fundraising.


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