Our chan­ging environment.

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We have been concer­ned with climate change since long before the pande­mic. On 13 June, we will vote in the refe­ren­dum on the propo­sed CO2 Act. Some people think it goes too far, while for others it is just a start. One thing is clear: curbing global warm­ing and meeting the climate goals set out in the Paris Agree­ment is going to be an enorm­ous chall­enge. What role do foun­da­ti­ons play here? In our view, a very active one. They are each commit­ted in very diffe­rent ways, from joint campaigns with busi­ness, to support for those directly affec­ted, to working with volun­teers to raise public awareness.

The world is not just beco­ming warmer, howe­ver. It is also beco­ming impo­ve­ris­hed. As the climate chan­ges, the diver­sity of nature is decre­asing. The loss of habi­tats is threa­tening count­less animal and plant species – and not just in distant count­ries or the vast oceans, but also directly on our door­step. Chari­ta­ble foun­da­ti­ons and project owners are very active here too. Central concerns include preser­ving biodi­ver­sity and protec­ting habi­tats. In gene­ral, ever more orga­ni­sa­ti­ons are focu­sing on envi­ron­men­tal issues. Accor­ding to StiftungSchweiz, twelve percent of new foun­da­ti­ons set up in 2019 had a chari­ta­ble purpose rela­ting to protec­ting the envi­ron­ment. This is double the level of exis­ting foun­da­ti­ons focu­sing on this topic.

As we can see, then, phil­an­thropy is play­ing a proac­tive role in two key areas affec­ting our future. Find out more in our reports.

I hope that you enjoy reading this issue.

Dr Peter Buss

Mana­ging direc­tor and publisher
Phil­an­thropy Services AG

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