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The world is upside down right now. Crises upon crises. And little prospect of improvement. Our resilience is required at all levels: personally, as a society

society, in companies, in international cooperation and as the ecosystem of our planet. Resilience is the magic formula that enables us to act with foresight, anticipate crises and overcome them. It manifests itself in fearless foresight that accepts potential threats. And in the will to actively shape the future, to change the present and thus prepare for possible crises.

What role does the philanthropic sector play? Louise Pulford, CEO of the globally active Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), would like to see a much more active role. The sector should leave its comfort zone and make the most of its wide scope for action. Given the capital that can be deployed quickly, its networks and the available expertise. Think bigger, become more flexible, overcome barriers and build bridges. And remain modest in the process - as Roger de Weck recommends in the interview. This issue of The Philanthropist shows the many ways in which foundations and NPOs are already contributing to a resilient future for our society. From the Salvation Army's pot collection to the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, which is supporting a cooperation project with, with which you, dear reader, can put your media skills to the test yourself. Are you resilient when it comes to fake news?


Preven­tion and resilience

Resilience has been a core value at Mobiliar since the beginning. Marta Kwiatkowski, Head of Societal Engagement at Mobiliar, explains what Mobiliar means by this and how an insurance company can help make society more resilient.

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