‘Diver­sity’ Edition 4/2022

CHF 15.00


The impact of diversity

Philanthropy, in its literal sense, ought to have a very comfortable, nay, superb relationship with diversity: if you like people, you also like their differences. And supporting others means allowing them to shine in the best possible light. Diversity means not taking centre stage yourself, but sharing your place in the sun. With other people, and with very different people, and with unimaginably different people. If a variety of people live alongside and with each other, then ultimately everyone benefits.

Diversity creates added value. That’s the firm belief not only of sociologists, but also teachers and business leaders. Difficulties only arise when you get to the specifics.


The Philanthropist maga­zine devo­tes around 40 pages to a chan­ging topic with a focus on prac­ti­cal foun­da­tion work.

Various aspects of the topic are high­ligh­ted in specia­list artic­les, inter­views with experts, back­ground reports and features. Recur­ring formats and sections with a strong service aspect — a guide, an agenda or news from the foun­da­ti­ons — round off the content. The “number” format, which is commen­ted on, further enhan­ces the content.

in short: look forward to profound reading and conversation!

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