Trai­ning makes you fit 

Neben den digitalen Kernleistungen auf bilden Services und Trainings eine wichtige Brücke zu unseren Nutzer:innen. Mit Essentials und Bootcamps in sieben Themenfeldern statten wir sie passgenau mit aktuellem Wissen aus.

Even though digi­ta­li­sa­tion brings us many conve­ni­en­ces, digi­tal trans­for­ma­tion is not some­thing that comes for free. StiftungSchweiz carefully accom­pa­nies you through the tran­si­tion from analo­gue to digi­tal tools and supports you with appli­ca­tion-orien­ted formats.

Essen­ti­als and Bootcamps

The Essen­ti­als are 45-minute webi­nars available for users start­ing from the Star­ter level free of charge. They provide an over­view of selec­ted topics and conclude with a Q&A session. We delve deeper with one-day Boot­camps, held on-site at our faci­li­ties in Basel SBB rail­way station or via live­stream. We combine theo­re­ti­cal content with inter­ac­tive elements to ensure prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion of what has been learned.

In-depth Explo­ra­tion in Seven Thema­tic Areas

Our offe­rings are speci­fi­cally desi­gned to address the current chal­lenges and needs of the non-profit sector. Toge­ther with the subject matter experts from our part­ners, we provide trai­ning in areas such as fund­rai­sing, grants, and finance. We are also opening up new thema­tic areas within the frame­work of a Lear­ning Jour­ney, such as the “Fund Future” start­ing in autumn 2024 with our coope­ra­tion part­ner, SwissFoundations.

Explore current Essen­ti­als & Bootcamps 

Fund &

Want to make phil­an­thropy effec­tive and seam­less while using modern digi­tal tools? Our offe­rings support funders and non-profits with essen­tial insights and streng­then indi­vi­du­als, teams, and collaboration.

In Coope­ra­tion with: Swiss­Foun­da­ti­ons, Con·Sense, Büro für Wage­mut und rflect.

  • Essen­tial: Digi­tale Phil­an­thro­pie
    August 21, 16–17h, online
  • Essen­tial: Mutige Phil­an­thro­pie
    Septem­ber 16 , 11–12h, online


  • Essen­tial: Förderallianzen
  • Essen­tial: Inner Deve­lo­p­ment Goals (IDGs)
  • Lear­ning: Jour­ney #Förder­Zu­kunft

Commu­nity &

A successful initia­tive requi­res a strong, well-connec­ted commu­nity, funding part­ners, volun­teers, donors, and public support. Holi­stic fund­rai­sing aims for sustainable development.

In Coope­ra­tion with Copa­l­ana und wemakeit.

  • Boot­camp: Gesuchs­werk­statt
    Juli 3, 9–12h, online
  • Essen­tial: Check­point Fund­rai­sing
    August 28. 11–12h, online 
  • Boot­camp: Digi­tal Fund­rai­sing
    Septem­ber 11, 9–15h, vor Ort/online


  • Essen­tial: Crowdfunding
  • Essen­tial: Corpo­rate Volunteering


Clear, targe­ted commu­ni­ca­tion supports your mission and crea­tes the neces­sary public aware­ness. An effec­tive digi­tal presence, inclu­ding social media and storytel­ling, ensu­res reach.

In Coope­ra­tion with Arnold Kommu­ni­ka­tion, Fair­pic­ture, SiR MaRY and Sugi­moto Consul­ting.

  • Essen­tial: Profilch­eck für Nonpro­fits
    Septem­ber 2, 9–10h, online
  • Essen­tial: Effek­ti­ver Online-Auftritt
    Septem­ber 23, 11–12h, online


  • Boot­camp: Effek­ti­ver Online-Auftritt
  • Boot­camp: Storytel­ling und Social Media 

Gover­nance & Compliance

A resi­li­ent orga­niza­tio­nal struc­ture and the right compe­ten­cies are crucial for the long-term effec­ti­ve­ness of a nonpro­fit or funder. In the chari­ta­ble sector, good gover­nance is essen­tial, as is the inclu­sion of diverse perspectives.

In Coope­ra­tion with Swiss­Foun­da­ti­ons, proFonds, Zentrum für Stif­tungs­recht UZH, ACCL, Inno­vage and

  • Boot­camp: Compli­ance für Nonpro­fits und Funders
    Juli 1, 9–15h, Basel and livestream
  • Boot­camp: Als Stif­tungs­rat am Start
    Septem­ber 18, 9–15h, Basel and livestream


  • Essen­tial: Good Gover­nance für Nonprofits
  • Essen­tial: Advi­sory Boards in der Praxis


Tech­no­logy is a central cata­lyst of change. It can signi­fi­cantly increase the reach and impact of nonpro­fit initia­ti­ves. We support you in harnes­sing the trans­for­ma­tive poten­tial of tech­no­logy speci­fi­cally for philanthropy.

In Coope­ra­tion with frei­hand­la­bor and Univer­sity of Geneva, Swiss­Foun­da­ti­ons, Cyber­Peace Insti­tute and AlgorithmWatch.

  • Essen­tial: Such­ma­schi­nen­op­ti­mie­rung
    Juli 29, 11–12h, online
  • Essen­tial: KI – neue Spiel­re­geln für die Phil­an­thro­pie?
    August 26, 9–10h, online
  • Boot­camp: Künst­li­che Intel­li­genz (KI) für Funders
    Septem­ber 4, 9–15h, vor Ort/online


  • Essen­tial: Cyber­se­cu­rity for Nonpro­fits and Funders
  • Essen­tial: Algo­rith­men und Demokratie
  • Boot­camp: Künst­li­che Intel­li­genz (KI) für Nonprofits

Future & Innovation

Old maps do not lead to new paths: In a chan­ging world, it is essen­tial to look forward. We offer the tools and proven methods from inno­va­tion and fore­cas­ting to guide nonpro­fits and funders into the next era.

In Coope­ra­tion with kühne wicki Future Stuff, Stif­tungs­la­bor, Swiss­Foun­da­ti­ons and Super­loop Innovation.

  • Boot­camp: Stif­tung der Zukunft
    Septem­ber 27, 9–15h, Basel and livestream


  • Essen­tial: Future Thin­king für Nonpro­fits und Funders
  • Boot­camp: Werk­zeug­kas­ten Innovation


Solid finan­ces are the back­bone of every mission: Invest your resour­ces opti­mally, use them for the long term, or respond urgen­tly to socie­tal issues as needed. Approa­ches like impact inves­t­ing combine finan­cial returns with social and envi­ron­men­tal impact.

In Coope­ra­tion with Swiss­Foun­da­ti­ons, c‑alm, PPCme­trics, FINAD, Ecofin, elea and Zürcher Kantonalbank.


  • Essen­tial: Stif­tungs­ver­mö­gen mit Wirkung
  • Boot­camp: Impact Inves­t­ing in der Praxis 
  • Boot­camp: Stif­tungs­ver­mö­gen anlegen

Explore current Essen­ti­als & Boot­camps here

StiftungSchweiz is committed to enabling a modern philanthropy that unites and excites people and has maximum impact with minimal time and effort.

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