Stif­tungs­re­port 2021

A preview of the Schwei­zer Stif­tungs­re­port 2021 published at the end of Janu­ary shows slow but posi­tive growth in the Swiss charity sector.  There were 284 new chari­ties foun­ded and 201 dissol­ved. The resul­ting net growth of 74 chari­ties is the lowest since 2010, say the authors. An in-depth analy­sis of this trend throug­hout the last decade indi­ca­tes that modern chari­ties are seldom desi­gned to exist in perp­etuity. Of the 3,673 chari­ties foun­ded since 2010, 52.2 percent have since been dissol­ved. There are many reasons for this – inclu­ding low inte­rest rates that prevent small chari­ties from gene­ra­ting reve­nue, and a new under­stan­ding of the role of founders. 

The twelfth edition of the Stif­tungs­re­port will be published on 18 May 2021 at It will contain up-to-date facts, figu­res and trends both within Switz­er­land and abroad.

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