‘Data: a bles­sing or a curse?’ Edition 1/2023

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Data is a powerful ally. It uncovers patterns, shows up shortcomings, reveals new possibilities and provides reliable support when challenging decisions need to be made. Its potential is immense and, intelligently combined, data develops convincing arguments. Or with ChatGTP – and a bit of luck – it can even generate the odd oven-ready school essay.
There is hardly an area of life that is unaffected by data. Science, businesses and nonprofit organisations use data to create added value for researchers and customers. With these endless opportunities and possibilities, the risks grow too. Data can become a powerful enemy. Is that a reason to bolt the door against it; not to engage with it in the first place? To become a total data dropout? We think it’s worth taking a differentiated stance. Keeping things in perspective.
Our grand survey of the third sector shows that there are a multitude of exciting and innovative approaches. But awareness of the risks and opportunities involved in a data-based approach is still low, and dangers are often underestimated. We are convinced that nonprofit organisations should work on developing better awareness of the potential that data holds, and of what data is actually available to the sector. And they should empower themselves to use it constructively.
That means questioning funding strategies and, where necessary, adapting them. How do you deal with data? The new Data Protection Act will become law in September: a good opportunity to start a critical examination of your own data inventory! Boosting potential only works if we do it together. Are you ready for more transparency? The article on Candid shows how a simple form, ‘Form 990’, is changing the rules of philanthropy.


The Philanthropist maga­zine devo­tes around 40 pages to a chan­ging topic with a focus on prac­ti­cal foun­da­tion work.

Various aspects of the topic are high­ligh­ted in specia­list artic­les, inter­views with experts, back­ground reports and features. Recur­ring formats and sections with a strong service aspect — a guide, an agenda or news from the foun­da­ti­ons — round off the content. The “number” format, which is commen­ted on, further enhan­ces the content.

in short: look forward to profound reading and conversation!

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