«How old is old?» Single issue 2/2020

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«How old is old?»

The Philanthropist magazine devotes around 40 pages to the main topic «How old is old?» - Charities and the intergenerational contract - with a focus on practical foundation work. Various aspects of the topic are highlighted in specialist articles, interviews with experts, background reports and features. Recurring formats and sections with a strong service aspect - a guide, an agenda or news from the foundations - round off the content. The "number" format, which is commented on, further enhances the content.

in short: look forward to profound reading and conversation!


«How old is old?»

Chari­ties and the inter­ge­nera­tio­nal contract

Hope in times of trou­ble: What impact will COVID-19 have on the inter­ge­nera­tio­nal contract?; Number 16; We need to bee able to cope with diffe­ring opini­ons; Brea­king the cycle of isola­tion; Fund your project, reduce your workload and incre­ase your impact — simple, direct, digi­tal; It’s the sum of all parts that counts; How can you leave money to a foun­da­tion in your will?; Succes­sion plan­ning for boards of trus­tees; In brief, Agenda

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