The impact of diversity

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Phil­an­thropy, in its lite­ral sense, ought to have a very comfor­ta­ble, nay, superb rela­ti­ons­hip with diver­sity: if you like people, you also like their diffe­ren­ces. And supporting others means allo­wing them to shine in the best possi­ble light. Diver­sity means not taking centre stage yours­elf, but sharing your place in the sun. With other people, and with very diffe­rent people, and with unima­gin­ably diffe­rent people. If a variety of people live along­side and with each other, then ulti­mately ever­yone bene­fits. Diver­sity crea­tes added value. That’s the firm belief not only of socio­lo­gists, but also teachers and busi­ness leaders. Diffi­cul­ties only arise when you get to the speci­fics. As demon­stra­ted recently to great effect by the soon-depar­ting Swiss Federal Coun­cil­lor Ueli Maurer, who indi­ca­ted that he would be happy to give up his place in the sun – but only to either a man or a woman, if you please. And pres­um­a­bly the woman should be child­less…? Diver­sity depends on your point of view.

So what’s the situa­tion in the charity sector? No worse, but also no better than in the rest of the world, reports an empi­ri­cal study conduc­ted by Laeti­tia Gill at the Univer­sity of Geneva. But phil­an­thropy should be a frontrun­ner when it comes to diver­sity and prac­tise ‘modern grant­ma­king’, accord­ing to guide­book author Gemma Bull. Inclu­ding StiftungSchweiz? Yes. Dear reader, we are issuing you an invi­ta­tion. Help us shape our future! Take your place – in the sun. Happy reading!

Peter Buss and Stefan Schöbi

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