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The Stif­tung der 5. Euro­pa­meis­ter­schaf­ten für Sehbe­hin­derte 1989 in Zürich (Foun­da­tion of the 5th Euro­pean Cham­pi­on­ships for the Visually Impai­red 1989 in Zurich) has been support­ing blind and visually impai­red athle­tes since 1989. Foun­da­tion presi­dent Rolf Zuber­büh­ler empha­si­ses: ‘The foun­da­tion opera­tes on a small scale, but with great passion.’ The foun­da­tion considers the promo­tion of sports oppor­tu­ni­ties for blind and visually impai­red people to be an essen­tial contri­bu­tion to social co-exis­tence. For many years, it has supported sport projects in areas such as goal­ball, cycling and running. Now, for the first time, a home­page will increase the visi­bi­lity of the projects and the commit­ment. Further infor­ma­tion is available on the new home­page.

StiftungSchweiz is committed to enabling a modern philanthropy that unites and excites people and has maximum impact with minimal time and effort.

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